POETRY: God’s Children

Guest post by Victoria Paglialunga

Rest-assured my heart is open,
Ready for the new.
My new spirit; everlasting happiness and bravery.

I am no longer sad.
I am no longer lost.
I will be known as His child.

My God.
Your God.
Our God.

I am ready for acceptance as renewal begins.
My heart flutters to the beat of a drum.
Hope is sweeping the room with good intentions.

Praying for the lost.
Fixing the broken.
Forgiving the past.
God will make us anew.
I am His child, one of His many.
All of whom He loves so much,
For He takes care of us.

I trust Him. Everything happens for a reason.
God plans the good and the bad. Everybody has a purpose.
Everybody is special, and made to change the world in some way shape or form.
Through little things or big things, God has a plan for us.

God gives us choice to follow him.
God gives us choice to disregard him.
He doesn’t want to force us.
He is humble.
Wanting to give and be kind.
I am God’s child, set apart from the many.
I run to him.
He carries me when I am weak, taking some of the pain away when I am wrong.

He created me and I love him for that.
He is my Father.
Heavenly and Holy.
Forever his child, I will live.


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